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About the Community Action Kit

Two decades ago, SIECUS started the Community Advocacy Project in response to calls from individuals in communities that were facing controversy over sexuality education. As decisions regarding sexuality education were increasingly debated on the state level, SIECUS expanded the project.

Today, the project documents controversies about sexuality education across the country, monitors state legislation, provides assistance to individuals and organizations who are advocating for comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) in their state or community, and develops materials to assist advocates in their efforts.

Unfortunately, we have seen that sexuality education has the potential to become a highly controversial issue in any state or community at any time. Often, a small but vocal group of individuals will organize with the sole purpose of opposing CSE. These opponents may argue for the elimination of all sexuality education programs or for the institution of an abstinence-only-until-marriage (AOUM) program that censors information and relies on messages of fear and shame.

The good news is that we know from numerous national, state, and local surveys that the vast majority of Americans support CSE. The key to overcoming opposition to such programs is to tap into this support by making people aware of the facts and helping them take action.

The Community Action Kit provides the tools needed to become knowledgeable about sexuality education, build support in your state or community, work to implement sound policies, and institute or defend an effective CSE program. The Kit is designed to serve as a tool for all advocates whether they are students, parents, teachers, school administrators, health professionals, youth-serving professionals, policymakers, or concerned community members

Although the Kit focuses on school-based sexuality education, it covers many other related issues such as HIV and other STDs, adolescent pregnancy, condoms and other contraceptive methods, and prevention programs. We believe that the Kit can be helpful to advocates facing a wide variety of situations.

SIECUS designed the Kit so that each piece could stand on its own in order to enable you to distribute individual pieces to members of your community as you see fit. While this means that some information, ideas, and suggestions appear multiple times throughout the Kit, we believe that it ultimately makes this resource more useful.

It is our sincere hope that you will find the Community Action Kit to be a valuable tool in your advocacy efforts. If you have questions or need additional information, SIECUS is always available to help. Call us at 202-265-2405 or email Kristina Romines, SIECUS Policy and Communications Coordinator, at