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Today, a variety of organizations produce abstinence-only-until-marriage curricula and materials as well as provide teacher trainings and speakers. These organizations range from large nonprofit organizations to smaller, for-profit producers of curricula, and fee-for-services speakers.

This fact sheet contains a list of diverse national organizations that support an abstinence-only-until-marriage approach. It is designed to provide a brief overview of each organization as well as information on the relevant resources they provide.

This list is not exhaustive, and there are many more state and local organizations with similar missions. For more information on these organizations and an extensive list of additional organizations that produce abstinence-only-until-marriage material, please visit the policy section of SIECUS’ website at


2025 Zumbehl Road Box #35
St. Charles, MO 63303
800/AC-YOUTH (toll free) and (websites)

Background & Positions

“[We believe] that young people must develop morally, ethically, educationally, physically, and mentally to fulfill their dreams and goals in life. The underlying theme throughout is to accept each person for who they are, in an unconditional atmosphere of love and respect.

We must all join together in making our communities, cities, and countries a better place for all. We must educate and assist the youth to ensure a better future.” [1]

“The A.C. Green Youth Foundation is about building character, building strong bodies and strong minds, winning and losing with dignity, teamwork, and sacrifice. We provide programs that ignite dreams and an abstinence program that says it’s okay to wait until marriage. In short, we are building leaders. Leaders who, in their individual capacity, no matter what their station in life, will be able to stand up for what is right instead of wrong, and in fact, will be their brother’s keeper.” [2]

Key People

A.C. Green, Founder and President

Abstinence-Only Resources & Activities

  • It Ain’t Worth It! The Interview (video staring A.C. Green)
  • I’ve Got The Power (curriculum)
  • Game Plan (curriculum)
  • El Plan de Juego (curriculum in Spanish)
  • Various abstinence paraphernalia including a teddy bear, ID tag, and t-shirt


P.O. Box 550336
Dallas, TX 75355
972/422-2322 (phone) (website)

Background & Positions

“Aim for Success is an independent, non-profit, educational organization that promotes a lifestyle of excellence by encouraging the development of self control, self respect, and self discipline. Through live presentations students are encouraged to develop strong, responsible character as they deal with sexual pressure.

Students learn the wisdom of committing to be sexually abstinent until marriage. Parents are inspired to raise responsible children who know that their choices have consequences. Teachers receive creative ideas on how to implement the abstinence message into their classrooms.” [3]

Key People

Marilyn Morris, Founder and President

Abstinence-Only Resources & Activities

  • Teens, Sex, and Choices (book and audio recording)
  • ABC’s of the Birds and Bees for Parents of Toddlers to Teens (book)
  • Tips on Encouraging Sexual Abstinence (bi-monthly newsletter)
  • Staff Development and Community Leadership Manual
  • Aim for Success Program: Why Choose Abstinence: It Protects (presentation)
  • Freedom to Succeed Program: Why Choose Abstinence: It’s the Law (presentation)
  • Achieve Success Program: How to Live the Abstinence Lifestyle (presentation)
  • Teens Take Charge Curriculum (Character Education Curriculum for grades 6-12)


2625 Cumberland Parkway
Suite 200
Atlanta, GA 30339
770/803-3100 (phone)
800/774-BEST (800/774-2378) (toll free)
770/803-3110 (fax) (website) (email)
Background & Positions
Choosing the Best, a leader in abstinence sex education curricula, training and resources since 1993. Medically based, our curricula promote healthy relationships— and have resulted in decreases in teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Over 1,000,000 students nationwide have completed our program.”[4]
“Teaching and promoting abstinence is the exclusive purpose of all Choosing the Best programs. However, CTB LIFE (for high school students) and CTB PATH (for upper middle school students) do provide a brief listing of various contraception alternatives— including abstinence—showing the failure rates of these methods and the conclusion that abstinence is the only method to eliminate the risk of pregnancy and STDs. Unlike ‘abstinence plus’ or ‘comprehensive’ programs, which incorrectly teach that birth control and abstinence are equally effective risk reduction strategies, Choosing the Best does not advocate or demonstrate contraceptive methods for teens.”[5]
Key People
Bruce Cook, Founder and CEO
Donna Cook, Training/Community Relations Director
Abstinence-Only Resources & Activities
  • Choosing the Best WAY (6th and 7th grade curriculum)
  • Choosing the Best PATH, (7th and 8th grade curriculum)
  • Choosing the Best LIFE (8th through 10th grades curriculum)
  • Choosing the Best SOULMATE (11th and 12th grade curriculum)
  • Abstinence Works!, (teacher training program)
  • CTB Teacher Training Certification
  • Parents, Teens and SEX: The BIG TALK Book
  • Choosing the Best Parent Training Program


4805 NE Glisan Street
Portland, OR 97213
503/215-6377 (phone)
800/939-6937 (toll free)
503/215-6940 (fax) (website) (email)

Background & Positions

“Premarital abstinence is an important choice that more and more young people are making everyday. What is a commitment to abstinence-until-marriage? It’s a decision to respect yourself and your future spouse. It’s a way to show that you are committed to pursuing what’s best for you, in order to remain physically healthy and emotionally happy. It means knowing that sex is great—after you’re married!” [6]

Key People

Rose Fuller, Executive Director
Cindy Bankston, Youth Programs Coordinator

Abstinence-Only Resources & Activities

  • FACTS About Me: Fifth Grade Curriculum
  • FACTS And Friends: Sixth Grade Curriculum
  • I’m In Charge of the Facts: Middle School Curriculum
  • Facts and Reason: High School Curriculum
  • Just Around the Corner (videos for girls)
  • Just Around the Corner (videos for boys)
  • The Consequence Game
  • The Truth or Consequences Game
  • Know the Facts (CD-ROM)
  • Life Begins (CD-ROM)
  • Preview of A Birth (video)
  • We’re Growing Up (video)
  • Peer Leader Training Manual
  • Truth or Consequences Game

The FACTS curricula are also available in Spanish.


1701 E. Lake Avenue
Glenview, IL 60025
847/729-3298 (phone)
847/729-9744 (fax) (website) (email)
Background & Positions
“Project Reality’s mission is to give a positive presentation of the benefits of abstinence through curricula, presentations and materials in order to help teens choose abstinence from sexual activity and the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.” [7]
“In order to help teens make wise and healthy choices for their futures, Project Reality has developed educational programs designed to teach the positive benefits of abstinence and to equip teens with the tools to say no to sexual activity and yes to their future goals and dreams.” [8]
Key People
Kathleen M. Sullivan, Founder
Libby Gray, Director
Abstinence-Only Resources & Activities
  • Navigator (curriculum - grades 9-12)
  • A.C. Green’s Game Plan (curriculum grades 7-9)
  • El Plan de Juego - Game Plan Spanish Edition (curriculum grades 7-9)
  • I Can Do That (curriculum grades 4-7)
  • Weaving Character into Sex Education (book)
  • Q&A, Questions Kids Ask (booklet)
  • Sex - The Rules Have Changed (video)
  • First Comes Love (video)
  • You are a Masterpiece (video)
  • Teacher trainings for Game Plan and Navigator
  • Parent Power Workshops
  • Consultations on how to get abstinence education into your community


P.O. Box 349
Bradley, IL 60915-0349
(877) 673-7732 (phone) (website)

Background & Positions

Dr. Coleen Kelly Mast, who received an honorary doctorate from Quincy University, created Sex Respect in 1983 as her Masters curriculum project. At the time she was also serving as the Christian Sexual Morality Teacher at McNamara High School in Kankakee, Illinois where she formed a traveling peer sexual health group. According to Respect Incorporated’s website, since its development Sex Respect has been used in all 50 states and 23 foreign countries. Dr. Mast also hosts a weekly radio show entitled “Catholic Answers,” where she discusses topics such as “Why Jesus is Better than Santa” and “New School Prayer.” [9]

“Kids are not animals. They can control their sex drives. You can teach them to say ‘no.’ Statistics indicate teens refrain from sex for two reasons – fear of pregnancy and fear of disappointing their parents. Parents who offer their kids contraceptives have destroyed both reasons!” [10]

Key People

Coleen Kelly Mast, Creator of Sex Respect

Abstinence-Only Resources & Activities

  • Sex Respect: The Option of True Sexual Freedom Educational Program (curriculum)
  • LOVE AND LIFE, A Christian Sexual Morality Guide For Teens (curriculum)
  • Modesty Fashions for Teens (Presentation by Coleen Kelly Mast)
  • Sex Respect Video Series


723 E. Jackson
Spokane, WA 99207
509/482-2868 (phone)
800/357-2868 (toll free) (website) (email)
Background & Positions
“Teen-Aid is a not-for profit organization started in 1981 for the specific purpose of reducing out-of-wedlock teen pregnancies and their many consequences. The method believed most valuable was abstinence education, which stresses character development and connection to parents.” [11]
“Teen-Aid produces curricula materials for public and private schools as well as offering materials developed by others but which still conveys the skills and integrity of abstinence, fidelity and character. Information is foundational. Character, the habit of doing well, is indispensable. Community support is the wave of the future. Abstinence is achievable.”[12]
Key People
LeAnna Benn, National Director and Co-Founder
Abstinence-Only Resources & Activities
  • Maturing in Body and Character (curriculum for grades 5-6)
  • Me, My World, My Future (curriculum for junior high)
  • Sexuality, Commitment and Family (curriculum for senior high)
  • Teacher Training Seminars
  • TeleWeb (automated phone services that provides teens with information and connects them directly to pregnancy and other services)


One LifeWay Plaza
Nashville, TN 37234
800/LUV-WAIT (toll free)
(800) 588-9248 (toll free)
(615) 251-2830 (fax) (website) (email)

Background & Positions

“True Love Waits is an international campaign that challenges teenagers and college students to remain sexually abstinent until marriage.”[13]

True Love Waits was “created in April, 1993, and sponsored by LifeWay Christian Resources—the world’s largest provider of religious products and services.” [14] LifeWay Christian Resources is an entity of the Southern Baptist Convention. [15]

The True Love Waits Pledge: “Believing that true love waits, I make a commitment to God, myself, my family, my friends, my future mate, and my future children to a lifetime of purity including sexual abstinence from this day until the day I enter a biblical marriage relationship.”[16]

Abstinence-Only Resources & Activities

  • True Love Waits Goes Home Manual 2003-2004
  • Introduction to True Love Waits
  • Pure Joy: God’s Formula for Passionate Living
  • True Love Waits Takes a Look at Courting, Dating, and Hanging Out
  • Sexual Resolutions – True Love Waits Resource Book
  • True Love Waits: Living Pure Inside Out
  • True Love Waits jewelry and T-shirts


Abstinence and Relationship Training Center (ARTC)
10427 East Dorado Place
Greenwood Village, CO 80111
720/488-8888 (phone)
303/221-7702 (fax) (website) (email)
Background & Positions
  • Provide training to empower teens to reach the goal of abstaining from high risk behaviors and to encourage character development, relationship skills and abstinence until and in preparation for marriage
  • Increase the value of healthy relationships, behavioral restraint and pre-marriage education
  • Educate parents, the primary and most effective educators
  • Mobilize the community to find common ground around healthy outcomes for youth
  • Provide a resource to health advisory committees, community leaders and policy makers on issues which promote healthy behaviors around relationship skills, abstinence and pre-marriage education” [17]

Key People

Joneen Krauth, RN,BSN Executive Director
Shelly Donahue, National Trainer

Abstinence-Only Resources & Activities

  • WAIT (Why Am I Tempted) Training (curriculum)
  • WAIT Training Passage Program (for Hispanic Youth)
  • WAIT Training for Pregnant and Parenting Teens
  • Why WAIT NOW? (half-day seminar on community mobilization)
  • The Medical Cessation Model of Working with Sexually Active Youth in the Clinical Setting (Training for medical professionals “to help sexually active teens return to a healthy abstinent lifestyle”) [18]
  • Parent Workshops
  • Speakers Bureau


6181 Vance Rd
Chattanooga, TN 37421
423/899-9188 (phone) (website) (email)

Background & Positions

“Since wise decisions in life are based on knowledge of all alternatives and potential consequences, the purpose of Why kNOw is to educate students, parents, and teachers about the repercussions and responsibilities of sexual behavior, emphasizing selfcontrol and abstinence until marriage.” [19]

“Since 1992, Why kNOw Abstinence Education has taught thousands of students in the Chattanooga area to say ‘No’ to heartache, sexually transmitted diseases, and outof- wedlock pregnancy. They’ve said yes to a real future with a committed marital partner, children that have a mom and dad, and the security that follows when dreams become goals and goals become reality.” [20]

Key People

Kris Frainie, Director and Founder

Abstinence-Only Resources & Activities

  • Why kNOw (public school curriculum)
  • Why kNOw (Christian school/Church curriculum)
  • One Night Stand (drama/peer-mentoring group)
  • How at Risk Are You? (brochure)
  • Sex Was Never Meant to Kill You (brochure)
  • Sexual Exposure (poster)
  • The Warrior Video
  • Speedy the Sperm
  • Commitment Cards
  • Abstinence trainings
  • Road to Excellence Leadership Development Program


Scott & White Worth the Wait®
2401 S. 31st Street, SLAB #109
Temple, TX 76508
254/724-7359 (phone)
254/724-8865 (fax) (website) (email)

Background & Positions

“The program’s mission is to educate adolescents and adults on the consequences of teen sexual activity including the medical, social, economic, and legal impacts.” [21]

“In 1996, Dr. Patricia J. Sulak, an obstetrician/gynecologist at Scott & White Memorial Hospital and Clinic, recognized the lack of an organized sex education program in Central Texas schools. Wanting to make a difference, she began to work with the local school district and Scott & White to develop and design Scott & White Worth the Wait®, an abstinence sex education program that promotes abstinence as the healthiest choice for adolescents.” [22]

Key People

Dr. Patricia J. Sulak, Founder and Director

Abstinence-Only Resources & Activities

  • Worth the Wait (curricula for 6th, 7th, 8th, and high school)
  • Contraception & Teens: Providing the FACTS! (PowerPoint/CD-Rom program)
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases: FACTS You Need to Know (PowerPoint/CD-Rom program)
  • What Adults Need to Know About Teens & Sex (PowerPoint/CD-Rom program)
  • Teens & Sex: What are the Effects? (PowerPoint/CD-Rom program)
  • Teens, Sex & the Law (National and Texas versions) (PowerPoint/CD-Rom program)
  • Teens, Sex & the Law Quiz Show (Interactive Media)
  • Parenting Brochure
  • Posters
  • Pledge Cards
  • Consulting


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